For almost 30 years, Performing Animal Troupe has been supplying well trained & well loved animal actors
and experienced, professional animal trainers & wranglers for movies, TV, commercials, photography, videos & live shows.  We are home to over 200 sought-after trained animal stars and have access to many, many more.  Dogs, cats, birds, horses, farm animals, lions, tigers, bears, monkeys, elephants, deer, wolves, reptiles, insects... In short, we can provide any animal actor for any project, big or small!  Give us a call for all your animal needs!



  Nationwide!  Though our main facility is in Southern California, we supply trained animals all across the country.  We have local trainers & wranglers in several states, and if that doesn't cover you, our people & animals can travel anywhere you need us to.
 Our trainers and animals are experienced in foreign locations having worked in such places as Africa, Europe, India, Sri Lanka, Korea, Costa Rica, Mexico & Canada, as well as all across the U.S.A.
We're Giving Back...
 A portion of all Animal Rental is donated to
"Old Friends Animal Shelter and Education Center"

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